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Beautiful shine...lots of depth and really smooth.

Best Detailing product in the market ,wont leave a haze guaranteed, even a kid can do it (under supervision) using Epic Shine made my car look like a Real Hotwheel. My interior looks like the first day I bought it with Trim Cleaner: it cleans, enhances, and protects from everyday use. When enhancing tire appearance I use Pro Tire Finish you get a ultra shine every time I use it (100% Recommended).


Products are Great

Multiple classic cars products are great for all different use shine show or protection from elements very happy I'm sold on it and it's from one of my favorite companies.


I've been converted

I have used many so called 'premium car car products' over time and Hot Wheels Premium Car Care is by far THE BEST I have used. It is very easy to use, affordable, smells really nice and leaves a clean and Epic shine like no other. I have had a number of people ask me what I use on my cars to make it so shiny. I recommend these products to everyone to try.


Amazing Shine and Protection

Great range of products! Great people to work with. Easy to use products. Products work great on classics and supercars! Amazing shine and protection for my most beloved treasures 🙂


Game Changer

Got the bucket of products...what a GAME CHANGER!! Love all the products! Professional, premium grade products.


The products work great!

I have tried several different products to bring out the shine and depth of the Chromallusion paint. I got with my local distributor Lex Joon and he asked me to try the Epic Shine. That stuff was awesome. I apply it the night before the show, and just wipe it on show day. I keep a bottle in the car and when someone asks how do you get that shine? I show them and tell them to try it. I have found my new Go To product.


High gloss without the greasy mess

LOVE the Epic shine ! You get the high gloss shine without the greasy mess. 


Professional grade products and results

Professional grade products and results for the car guys and gals that don’t settle for anything less. Don’t let the name fool you, Hotwheels Car Care product is all about making your ride look it’s best always! Do yourself a favor and get a bucket kit to keep in the trunk!


Best Protectant in the Industry

I have been using all of the car care products for over a year now. They all work amazingly together. I especially feel the epic shine is the best protectant in the industry and use it after every wash of my vehicles.


Wow what a nice deep shine.

I can see the difference as soon as I wiped it off. Detailed the entire car in about 10 minutes. Easy to use. Works like the bottle says. Good quality and shine. It sure is epic!


Hot Wheels never disappoints

This is a high quality product with great long lasting results. It's like I actually waxed my ride. Amazing. Hot Wheels never disappoints...still after all these years.


Best Product I Have Ever Used

Just used the Tire Finish on my '76 911 Porsche. Amazing on the tires, but also used it on the rubber over riders and rubber front smile. Best product I have ever used.


Beautiful shine...lots of depth and really smooth.

I just have this a go on my 68 olds this morning. I have to say I am quite impressed. Beautiful shine.. lots of depth and really smooth.


The products work great!

Every car show or cruise in, where I do a touch up to the shine on my Mustang, I leave the bottle of Epic Shine leaning on the wind shield. People always want to know about the products.


I've been converted

Hot Wheels Car Care Products?! Are you kidding me?! I had to buy them and try them. Oh man! They are real professional products and do what they say! Some of the best I’ve ever used. I’ve been converted!


Without a doubt the best

Epic Shine is unbelievable, it is so easy to use and the end results are without a doubt the best. All my other products are gone. My pro street 55 Chevy and my 1939 Chevy street rod have never looked this good. If I could, this product would get a 10 star rating from me...


I've tried a lot of products...

...some really expensive and some really cheap. I am shocked at how good this product is. I am blown away by the results, I’m heading off to the local store tomorrow to buy a heap more!


The products are superior

The Bucket Deal is the way to go. It has all you need to detail your car at your home. Everything fits inside nicely and the quality of the products are superior to the others I have used in the past. I will take one bucket every month or so, indefinitely.


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