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The Big Bucket for RVs and Campers

This bucket has it all!

Cleaning the RV or camper is a big job. This big bucket is going to help you get an EPIC shine in little time!

Though the name might fool you, Hot Wheels™ Premium Car Care products are not just for cars! Our Big Bucket for RVs and Campers will prove it. This ultimate bundle contains everything you need to take care of your large recreation vehicle! Exterior, wheels & tires, interior trim and leather – cleaned and protected with professional grade quality products.

The Big Bucket includes:

  • 1 – Hot Wheels™ Car Care Products 3.5 gallon Bucket with easy lift lid.
  • 6 – 16″x16″ Ultra Plush Micro Fibers
  • 1 – Synthetic Lambs Wool Micro-Wash Mitt
  • 1 – Pro Tire Finish Foam Applicator
  • 1 – Leather and Vinyl Products Applicator
  • Every Hot Wheels™ Americana Series™ Premium Car Care Bottle, plus an extra EPIC SHINE!:
    • 2 bottles of EPIC SHINE Synthetic Polymer Spray Detailer
    • 1 bottle of WASH & WAX concentrate with Carnauba
    • 1 bottle of ALL WHEEL CLEANER for Coated Wheels: Contains no acids.
    • 1 bottle of PRO TIRE CLEANER: Contains no bleach
    • 1 bottle of PRO TIRE FINISH: Dual action formula satin to ultra finish.
    • 1 bottle of LEATHER CLEANER: No harsh alkalines
    • 1 bottle of LEATHER GUARD: Anti-static and UV resistant
    • 1 bottle of TRIM CLEANER: Low sudsing solvents for dirt, oil and stains
    • 1 bottle of TRIM GUARD: Long lasting UV protection


The Big Bucket for RVs and Campers


Additional information

Weight 14 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 11 in


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