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Car Show Club Pack

TWO 20oz bottles of our fan favorite!

When you’re at the car show and your buddy’s ride just doesn’t have that EPIC SHINE™, give them a bottle. You might help them win the show!

Synthetic Polymer Nano Tech – Hydrophobic – Anti Static – Super Slick – Deep Gloss Finish Spray Detailer & Coating. Repels dusts, dirt, natures elements and protects from UV. Easy to apply after car washes – before car shows. EPIC SHINE™ Anytime! Leaves your ride with a deep show car shine, that lasts! Add depth and gloss to your rides finish. Use on clear coated painted body surfaces, hot-rod flat black, satin paint finishes, chrome, coated wheels, all vehicle wraps, over decals, windows & on top of Ceramic Coatings too! EPIC SHINE™ by Hot Wheels™ Car Care Products. PRO GRADE.

MSRP $24.99 each.


Car Show Club Pack

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