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Hot Wheels™ Americana Series Ceramix®

CERAMIX® Proprietary Si02 Nano Quartz Ceramic Pretreatment Coating. CERAMIX® includes our proprietary technology, contains no dyes or colorants, blended on the molecular level. Created to clean, enhance while protecting your vehicles exterior surfaces in all climates and weather conditions for months per application. In between CERAMIX® applications, maintain with EPIC SHINE®

CERAMIX® 16 fluid ounces of AmericanaPRO proprietary mix, which is the functional technology formula of CERAMIX®. CERAMIX® adheres to the vehicle’s surfaces. Protecting from natures harsh elements: U.V. rays, dirt, dust, pollen, bird droppings, acid rain, road grime, mud, clay, road salt and fills light swirl marks in your vehicle painted surfaces.

No haze, no residue. No buffing. Just spray into microfiber applicator then apply on to vehicle surfaces. Follow up with a wipe over using an ultra plush microfiber towel, 20 seconds after applied area on vehicle. Apply as directed. Leaves a deep, luster gloss finish.

Si02 Nano Quartz Ceramic Pretreatment & Paint Sealant Surface Protection for Auto Clear Coat & Painted Surfaces. Both Factory and Custom.

Also use EPIC SHINE™ to maintain CERAMIX® or any other brand of ‘ceramic coating’ as the BEST Option for Ceramic Coating Maintenance Enhancer Spray.


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Hot Wheels™ Americana Series Ceramix®

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